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Antalya airport transfers will take you to the resort or hotel of your choice,

with most tourists preferring the atmospheric charm of Kaleici, the city’s old town.Once seen as little more than a gateway to the Turkish Riviera, travellers are now opening their eyes to Antalya  as a worthy destination in its own right. 

History of Antalya

It was once that almost the entire city of Antalya lay within its walls, and it is here that you will find remnants of that historical time. Ottoman architecture, cobbled pedestrianised streets, boutique hotels, markets and trendy cafes all contribute to the appeal of Kaleici. History enthusiasts will be excited by Hadrian’s gate which was famously built to mark the arrival of the Roman emperor Hadrian in the year 130. Its ornamentation is revered the world over, and it is widely celebrated as one of the most beautiful gates in the world.Hadrian’s Gate is just one remnant of one civilisation in a long list of civilisations which have ruled the country throughout history.


Antalya Cuisine

If you want a taste of Turkish identity that is all its own, try the local cuisine. Beyond the doner meat and lamb shish kebabs, you will find dishes like Ali Nazik which is an eggplant mash, topped with marinated lamb and a drizzle of yoghurt sauce. If you want something more filling, a Turkish pizza known as kiymali pide is a solid choice. Antalya is a prime location for fresh fish, and there is no shortage of places to find it. Alara is known for its fish dishes and its amazing view, though any eateries along the harbour are a safe bet for quality seafood.

Antalya's Street Markets

You should not leave to Turkey without exploring the Turkish public markets, and there will be one in every part of Antalya every day of the week. It’s worth asking someone at hotel reception for the best markets in the area and if you haggle right, you can pick up some beautiful handmade jewellery and unique trinkets for next to nothing.

Daily Tours in Antalya

A boat trip to Duden waterfalls is a must, beautiful in itself but made more so by its location. It’s not every city that can boast a set of waterfalls. While there is enough architecture and history to satisfy a historian for years here, it’s not always appreciated by those under 5. If you’re travelling to Antalya with kids, the city’s largest aqua park (land of legends in Belek), water park and Kemer Dino Park will keep them entertained all day long. If you want to show them a more cultural experience, explore a little further outside the city where you will see old Turkish women baking bread in a stone oven while men herd goats, a peek into rural Turkey, the Antalya of years gone by.

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