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Airport Transfers Morocco

Whichever airport you arrive at in Morocco, your Sunshuttle driver will be there to meet you in the arrivals hall, help you with your luggage, ensure you are comfortably seated in his vehicle, and drive you to your holiday accommodation.

Who wants to wait around in a long queue for the next taxi to appear, haggle with the driver over the cost, and find your Moroccan Dirhams (which could possibly be in the bottom of your suitcase?) and then familiarise yourself with the notes when you arrive at your destination. Take the easy route – book your Sunshuttle airport transport before you leave the UK. And all paid for in £Sterling before you leave for your holiday.

Before you leave home, ensure that your passport has at least six months to run when you enter Morocco. No vaccinations are required, but Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Polio and Tetanus inoculations are recommended. Stick to bottled water, and avoid ice in drinks.

It can be cold and rainy between November and March, so if you’re visiting during those months, pack a waterproof jacket and a couple of jumpers to see you through the chilly evenings.

If you’re visiting the towns, then don’t wear shorts or sleeveless shirts or tee-shirts. Trainers or shoes are advisable, could be a lot of walking involved and streets can be muddy or dusty. In the souqs, haggle really hard for that bargain souvenir. Haggling is a sport in Morocco.

Try quad biking, paragliding, mountain biking, camel riding and much, much more. Ask at the hotel what’s on offer and then ask other residents what they thought of the experience. Take a trip into the Atlas Mountains, or the Sahara.

Marrakesh – full of bazaars, just the place to buy those leather goods and spices. The Bahia Palace is worth a visit, bit tatty but peaceful, away from the noise of the city. See the mountains and Berber villages from the air. Early start, have breakfast while the balloon’s inflating, then drift leisurely over the terrain.

Agadir – on the coast, good beaches but can be full of litter. Beware, that the sand gets quite hot in summer, so wear suitable footwear on the beach. The promenade is 8km long and quite clean and tidy. For activities, go scuba diving at nearby Taghazoute.

Casablanca – best to avoid the old Medina, unless you want to be harassed. The mosque is worth a visit. Arrive early and catch the English tour.

Tangier – a touristy place, with snake charmers, carpet shops, souqs, narrow alleyways, and plenty of atmosphere. Hop on a high speed ferry to Gibraltar for a day’s normality!

Fes (or Fez) – the old Medina of Fez is well worth a visit. Get a guide, agree a price of the tour, and tell him exactly what you want to see.

Rabat – slower pace of life here. Tree-lined boulevards, new marina, wonderful beaches where you can take in the sun, swim and relax. Twelve kms north of Rabat are the Sidi Bouknadal Gardens – see the exotic plants and trees. If you visit, take a picnic, eat under the eucalyptus trees.

But above all, enjoy Morocco, and don’t forget to book your Sunshuttle transport to make your holiday one to remember!

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