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Airport Transfers Egypt

A country with such a history! Who knows where to start describing the excitement you will feel when you arrive in Egypt? Whether your plane arrives in Cairo, or Alexandria, or Luxor, or Sharm El Sheikh (or Hurghada), you are in for a treat and a culture shock and an Egypt airport transfer with Sunshuttle […]

Airport Transfers Dubai

Dubai is extraordinary for the sheer pace at which it developed after the discovery of oil there in the 1960’s. It went from a virtually unknown town in the middle of the Arabian Desert to a sprawling metropolis of mega-malls, high-rise skyscrapers, extravagant hotels and futuristic architecture. It’s one of the most politically stable countries […]

Airport Transfers Czechia

Calling all history buffs, culture vultures, beer nuts and old romantics; the Czech Republic demands your attention and you’re going to want to hear what she has to say. Despite its status as one of the newest countries in Europe, gaining independence in 1993, the Czech Republic is ironically one of the best places in […]

Airport Transfers Cyprus

Whether you are spending your holiday in Turkish Cyprus or Greek Cyprus, Sunshuttle will meet you at either airport. We take you directly to your holiday destination, ensuring that you arrive relaxed and happy.The main airports in Cyprus are Larnaca, which is located in the south, and Paphos, which is in the east. The time […]

Airport Transfers Crotia

The capital of Zagreb has a young vibe, and an emerging arts scene that’s most prominently visible in the recent contemporary Art Museum and in the burst of exhibitions and galleries opening up around the city’s cafes. You can tell the kinds of people who go to Croatia by looking at their footwear-suave Italian leather […]

Airport Transfers Crete

Crete is the biggest Greek island not just in size but in stature; in its fascinating and tumultuos history. its simplistic exquisite cuisine and a sweeping landscape that hides more than its glorious beaches. The main city of Heraklion is not your typical urban escape. It has history, culture, beaches and vibrant nightlife within arm’s […]

Airport Transfers Cape Verde

You’ll find Cape Verde halfway between Senegal and Brazil, off the West Coast of Africa . It is the most politically stable part of the continent with a democratic government in place since 1975 when it gained independence from Portugal. It is also one of the most expensive places to visit. With few natural resources, […]

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