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Bodrum is the pearl of Turkish aegean sea.

Bodrum is located in the west corner of Muğla province. The vast majority of the district lands are located in a peninsula that bears its name, the district is surrounded by the Aegean Sea from the north, west and south. There is no administrative limit except Milas in the east.

Bodrum's ancient name is Halikarnassos. It was read in Turkish as Halikarnas. The city was named Petrium when the city was dedicated to St. Peter's together with the castle called St. Peter's Castle (Castle of St. Peter). This name has been read as petrum, then potrum, and finally Bodrum.

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Mausoleum was built in the city of Halikarnassos. The marble stones of the mausoleum, which were destroyed over time due to earthquakes and invasions, were used in the construction of Bodrum Castle. Christian Knights built the castle in the 15th century. The construction was completed in a 100-year period. The Pope distributed the indulgence papers to those who worked in the construction of the fortress to finish it. The city of Bodrum is the most recently captured Christian land on Anatolian lands. City II. Although it was besieged in the time of Mehmed, it was only captured during the Rhodes Campaign of Solomon I. Bodrum Castle today serves as the 2nd largest Museum of Underwater Archeology in the World. It is the strongest castle in the Eastern Mediterranean. Bodrum city hosts many cultural events. Book your Bodrum airport transfers to your accommodation in Bodrum peninsula


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