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We intend to give you some information about Istanbul Airport nowadays known as Istanbul new airport. 

For those who want a spent a splendid stay on the Turkish beaches or perhaps for those who want to see something new or to find out more about a different culture in a famous country in terms of food, customs and traditions, we want to recommend you a holiday in Turkey, more exactly in Istanbul, near Istanbul Airport. And, we intend to give you some information about Istanbul Airport because certainly you may need and so, you will be a little bit familiar with the region.

Istanbul Airport is nowadays known as Istanbul Airport Ataturk, but its formal appellation was Yesilkoy International Airport. But, since 1980, the airport has a new name Istanbul Airport Ataturk, name which comes from the founder and first ever president of the modern Turkish republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. It is the main international airport in Istanbul, Turkey which was opened in 1924 in the western part of Istanbul city centre, more precisely at about 15 miles west of Istanbul. This part of Turkey is considered to be the city’s mostly pro-European side. Based on the annually statistics, Istanbul Airport has a total number of over 30 million passengers which determines the position of the airport in the world’s top 40 international Airports on account of the overall passenger traffic. In Europe, it is ranked as the ninth busiest airport and this makes it so famous on the world.

If you need more information about Istanbul Airport and the things as restaurants, shops, sights, events, etc. that you may find in surroundings, our website, Istanbul Airport Hotel will guide through this region.


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