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Sunshuttle® has 10 Years of Experience with Airport 


For more than 10 years, Sunshuttle® has transferred couple of hundred thousand of travelers and crews to / from airport around Antalya. Our fleet of executive vans and minibuses are only 10 minutes from the Antalya Airport (AYT) 

Sunshuttle® has one of the largest independent fleets in Antalya and offers full service of transportation, 365 days dispatch and well experienced drivers. We provide reliable and cost effective services for large to small operations. Executive sedans (Mercedes E&S Classes) can also be provided for a consistent customer experience. 

Our airport transfer services can offer: 
-Scheduled crew transfers, 
-Emergency flight diversions and evacuations 
-Courtesy pickup for first class business travelers.

Why do the airline company choose us for crew transportation?
» Daily Scheduled drop-off and pickup arrangements between airports and accommodation
» Emergency dispatch available (within 2-hours)
» Transfer operations can easily be scheduled through phone call 24/7
» Canceled, changed, delayed and early arrivals, no extra charge with contract.
» Work with a special key account manager and dedicated team of local drivers


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